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Candy Station

Included With all Packages

  • Delivery, On level (Flat) buffet  Setup, and Pickup
  • Multi-sized Jars
  • Scoops / Tongs
  • Clear Cello Bags with Ties
  • Choice of Candies
  • Customized Name Tags for each Candy Jar
  • Gloves are worn while preparing candies
  • Remaining candies to be placed in bags for client to enjoy after the event


    Small Buffet                                         Medium Buffet                                   Large Buffet      

        Serves 50 to 100 guests                         Serves up to 200 guests                  Serves up to 300 guests 

            5 different candies                              7 different candies                           9 different candies

          1 Choice of Chocolate                        2 Choices of Chocolate                    3 Choices of Chocolate

                      5-7 Jars                                             9-11 Jars                                           13-16 Jars



Limiting your buffet to one, two or even three specific color can limit flavors and will increase the cost of our basic candy buffet packages to a premium priced package.  


Basic Candy Buffet ($4 per serving):

This candy buffet offers a traditional multi-color unwrapped and wrapped candy selection. The wide variety of colors is certain to grab your guest attention and offers something for everyone. A variety of candy will be offered for you to select from so that your candy buffet is personalized to your event.


Semi-Custom Candy Buffet ($4.50 per serving):

This semi-custom candy buffet offers a traditional multi-color unwrapped and wrapped candy selection along with several candies selected to match your events theme, as well as color options for your Cello favor bags.


Fully-Custom Candy Buffet ($5 per serving):

The fully-custom candy buffet offers a very wide variety of wrapped and unwrapped candy selection (including more chocolate choices) allowing you to fully match your theme or colors. This package personalizes your event 100%. In addition, you will be offered a variety of mini take out boxes to select from for your event.

Extras for your Candy Buffet:

Your candy buffet can be further personalized with many extras from: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Lollipop Tree, Marshmallow Pops, Caramel Apples, Cookies, Tiered Buffet set up, Photographer, DJ, etc.


**Your personal Candy Buffet guru will work with you to prepare and choose candies and colors to make your event an unforgettable one.  Once approved a 50% down payment will secure the candy buffet for your event.